Join Team Green and let’s get Ireland to increase its plastic recycling.

We are calling on everyone to play their part when it comes to the waste we generate. If everyone in Ireland recycled just one more piece of plastic every week, we could recycle 250 million more pieces of plastic every year! By working together we can all play our part in making Ireland a world leader for plastic packaging recycling. Together, we can become Environmental Champions.


Annalise Murphy
If everyone popped one more shampoo bottle into their recycling bin every month, we'd divert over 2,000 tonnes of plastic from landfill.
Gary and Paul O'Donovan
If every person in Ireland recycled just one more water bottle a week, we’d recycle over 7,000 tonnes of plastic per year!
Paul McGrath
Make sure your recyclables are clean, dry and put them loosely in your recycling bin. Join me on Repak’s Team Green and let’s all play our part.
Roz Purcell
If everyone in Ireland put one extra piece of plastic a week in the recycle bin, we'd recycle 250 million more plastic items a year!
Bobby Kerr
Join me on Repak’s Team Green and let’s all play our part in recycling. Together we can become Environmental Champions
Repak Members
Our 2,500 Members have helped divert over 10m tonnes of packaging waste and are committed to a sustainable future for Ireland.