Case Studies

Case Studies on Packaging Reuse

The below case studies come from businesses who have taken positive steps to reuse or return packaging in order to reduce waste. By designing or specifying packaging in this way, which in some cases may mean it becomes more durable, industry can also reduce the costs associated with single use packaging.

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Case Studies from our Hotel Members

The below case studies are from Repak members within the hotel sector. These best practice examples highlight the positive steps that these member hotels are taking to prevent or minimise the use of packaging or to switch to reusable packaging where possible by working closely with their suppliers.

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Best Practice Brochures

The Prevent and Save Best Practice Guides are full of useful hints and tips for managing and reducing the amount of packaging waste that your company produces.

These guides are compiled by industry experts and are sector specific, so that you can find the most relevant information at a glance.

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Fish-Box EPS in Ireland: Report on the current situation relating to Fish-boxes in Ireland and ways to reduce associated landfill.


Perchard’s report on deposits – A deposit and refund system in Ireland.




Report Highlights

This report by Dr. Pat McCloughan of PMCA Economic Consulting estimates the monetary savings from the packaging waste prevention activities of Repak’s member firms during the period from 2005 – 2016. The study updates the earlier report by PMCA for Repak published in 2012, which considered the period 2005-2011.

The analysis presented in this report suggests that Repak’s members are responsible for significant monetary savings arising from their packaging waste prevention activities.

Member activities have been supported by Repak, through the Prevent and Save Programme dedicated to working with Repak members in optimising the volume of packaging placed in Ireland.

Making use of data from Repak, the Central Statistics Office, the Environmental Protection Agency and other sources, the main findings of the study are as follows:

Tonnes prevented – 857,000 tonnes cumulatively 2006-2016 and 121,700 in 2016 alone. Tonnes of packaging placed on the market continues to decouple from economic activity as illustrated by the graph below.
Procurement savings – more than €365m cumulatively during the period and €52m in 2016;
Supply chain savings – €187.5m cumulatively and €26m in 2016;
Total savings – €553m cumulatively and €78m in 2016;
Total savings per member – almost €37,000 per Repak member (2016) and 18% average annual growth compared with the corresponding figure a decade earlier.