Prevent and Save

Welcome to Prevent and Save, the packaging waste prevention service provided by Repak under the Packaging Waste Prevention Programme.

Prevent and Save is dedicated to assisting Irish businesses to optimise their packaging. By optimising packaging you can prevent or minimise the use of unnecessary packaging during the manufacture, transport and sale of your products.

The benefits of packaging optimisation to your business are numerous. By optimising packaging you could: –

  • Avoid the costs associated with purchasing that material.
  • Avoid the cost of the packaging waste generated by the use of that material.
  • Consume less energy when packing your products, therefore reducing your energy costs.
  • Find an opportunity to innovate by using more environmentally friendly or lighter weight packaging materials.

As part of the Repak Prevent and Save programme, a member of our packaging technology team can visit your site to carry out a Packaging Optimisation Survey.
For more information on the survey and the tools and services provided by our Packaging Technology team please click here.

The Prevent and Save page is regularly updated with the latest on sustainable packaging design which aims to highlight best practices and tips that you can follow during the initial design of your packaging to make it more environmentally friendly.
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By working closely with our member companies and external partners we have published a number of best practice guides and reports related to packaging optimisation.
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The Prevent and Save page keeps you up to date on current standards and legislation related to packaging.
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For more information on any of the services available under our Prevent and Save service please contact us by clicking here .

By working directly with Government, Environmental Agencies and industry our Packaging team deliver programmes that reduce the amount of packaging placed onto the Irish market.
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