Current Repak Members

Since 1997, over 2,000 Repak members have helped fund the diversion of 10.1 million tonnes of packaging waste from landfill.

Together, Repak and our members have taken packaging recycling and recovery rates from 15% in 1997 to an estimated 90% in 2016. We are proud of these achievements and thank our valued members for their continued support.

In this section, you will find the Member’s Lounge, where we celebrate individual Repak members and their contribution and commitment to recycling, sustainability and the environment, both in Ireland and globally.

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Repak members have funded the diversion of 10.1 tonnes of used packaging.

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‘At Lidl, we are proud to boast an award-winning recycling and waste management programme. Our in-store and warehouse waste management concept is integral to our Zero Waste Commitment. We are currently diverting 100% of waste from landfill and are working hard to maintain this.

Our Logistics team continue to develop innovative ways of managing our waste streams to ensure we recycle more and reduce general waste. We have set ourselves ambitious targets of decreasing our overall waste – a challenge that will evolve as our organisation grows.

Segregation is key to the programme’s success. Our organic waste is anaerobically digested creating energy which goes back onto the grid. Vast quantities of wood, plastic, cardboard and metal are deployed to recycling depots. We have achieved enormous cost savings in reduced general waste and substantially increased our recycling streams, reducing our environmental impact.’

Repak are proud to have LIDL as members. Repak congratulates LIDL on its new CSR website,, where it demonstrates the fantastic environmental achievements it has and continues to have accomplished in Ireland.