Self Compliance

Major producers who are obligated under the European Union (Packaging) Regulations  can comply either by joining an approved packaging compliance scheme (Repak) or registering as a self-complier. Self-compliance comes within the remit of city and county councils (local authorities). The table below compares the requirements of self-compliance versus joining Repak.

Compliance Option Repak Member Self-Compliance
Registration fee for Producer No registration fee Registration fee of €500 per premises
Annual Fee Fixed fee for small producers, €400 & €980 respectively.  Variable fee for large producers based on tonnes of packaging placed on the market €15 per tonne
Data Reporting requirements Bi-annual reporting. Quarterly reporting
Annual waste management plan Required and produced by Repak Required
3 Year Plan Not Required Required
Packaging take back Not Required Take back from public and customers of any packaging similar to that supplied
Provision of onsite facilities general public usage Not Required Access and on-site facility required to take back waste packaging from the general public
Advertising of take back facility Not Required Bi-annual in local newspaper
Provision of signage advertising take back facilities Not Required Required
Collection from customers Not Required Collection from customers of any packaging similar to that supplied within one week of request
Recovery min 60% of packaging placed on the market Repak delivers recycling and recovery targets collectively for its members Required to ensure that 60% of packaging recovered each quarter (importers & pack/fillers)
Green Dot Fee Not required Required if supply packaging marked with Green Dot in Ireland