Case Studies and Publications

Case Studies from our Hotel Members

The below case studies are from Repak members within the hotel sector. These best practice examples highlight the positive steps that these member hotels are taking to prevent or minimise the use of packaging or to switch to reusable packaging where possible by working closely with their suppliers.

Prevent and Save cover page
Buswells Hotel
Grand Hotel Malahide
The River Lee Hotel
The Sandymount Hotel
The Twelve Hotel
Westport Woods Hotel

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Best Practice Brochures

The Prevent and Save Best Practice Guides are full of useful hints and tips for managing and reducing the amount of packaging waste that your company produces.

These guides are compiled by industry experts and are sector specific, so that you can find the most relevant information at a glance.
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Grocery Retailers

Packaging Prevention and Minimisation: The Quantity and Value of Savings by Repak Members – This report by Dr. Pat McCloughan of PMCA Economic Consulting estimates, for the first time in Ireland, shows the monetary savings resulting from the packaging prevention activities of Repak’s member companies, October 2012.

Fish-Box EPS in Ireland: Report on the current situation relating to Fish-boxes in Ireland and ways to reduce associated landfill.

Perchard’s report on deposits – A deposit and refund system in Ireland.