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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.         Why should I need to become a Repak Member?
A.         Repak offers legal compliance to companies who are obligated under the Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations 2003 and in effect takes legal ownership of your responsibility once you become a signed up member. There are different types of membership and for more information on becoming a member click here.


Q.         As a Member of Repak, what do I get for my money?
         As mentioned above, you are in effect purchasing legal compliance to ensure that Repak meets your recovery/recycling obligations on your behalf. As a not-for-profit organisation, your fees are invested in supporting recycling activities throughout the country. In real terms, this is in the form of recycling subsidies which are offered to Local Authorities (for Bring Banks, Kerbside Recycling Bins etc) and to Recovery Operators (for collecting and recycling commercial waste packaging). To learn more about this scheme, click here.


Q.         What does Repak do for its Members?
         The fundamental objective of the scheme is to ensure that our Members targets are met under the legislation and in fact Repak has agreed to take on the National Targets under the EU Directive. In essence, this means that 60% of the packaging placed onto the Irish market must be recovered/recycled by the end of 2011 and Repak is on course to meet this target. 


Q.         What is Repak's mission Statement?
         Repak’s mission statement is to offer compliance at the lowest practical cost to members and this guiding principal is driven throughout the organisation. Repak frequently benchmarks itself against our peer compliance schemes throughout Europe and whilst not being the cheapest scheme, it is the lowest quartile on an average cost basis. Repak continues to drive through efficiencies from and with our suppliers and cost removal and avoidance is a fundamental part of our business model.


Q.         If I am a member of Repak, what does it entitle me to?
         The first thing is the obvious compliance under the legislation. Secondly, it allows you to refuse to accept back packaging back from the general public or your suppliers which you would have to do if you were self-complying with the legislation.  If you require information on how to self-comply with the legislation, contact your Local Authority.

However, being a Repak member does not exempt you from other parts of the legislation that affect all Producers. Repak members are obliged to separate and segregate specified waste packaging streams and make them available for recycling. The specified packaging streams are paper/cardboard, plastic sheeting or shrink-wrap, wood, fibreboard, steel, aluminium and glass. It is permissible to landfill these packaging types if they are contaminated however.


Q.        How does Repak calculate fees to its members? 
        There are three types of Repak membership. Firstly, there is membership open to companies who are not obligated under the law but would like to use the Green Dot logo on their packaging. This is called Producer Membership and a flat fee at the minimum rate is applied.

Secondly, there is a type of membership available to smaller companies who sell directly to the consumer and who do not import packaging or packaged goods themselves and this is called Scheduled Membership. For example, grocery retailers, pharmacies, hardware retailers, restaurants, hotels, Off-licences and licensed premises avail of this type of membership. These types of membership are done in accordance with the relative size of the business and the amount of packaging sold and are offered using a schedule of fees.

The last type of membership is for those often larger companies who Repak require to provide actual data in tonnage terms of the amount and type of packaging that they import or domestically source, manufacture, fill or distribute and this is called Regular Membership. The companies are required to return data to Repak twice per annum and are charges according to the type and amount of packaging that they sell or otherwise supply onto the Irish market. For more information on Regular Membership, see statitics section in the membership area.


Q.         If I need advice on any part of being a Repak member, who do I contact?
         Repak operates an account management structure in assisting the 2,000 or so members in the scheme. If you have any queries whatsoever regarding your membership, please contact us by emailing or by calling us on 01-4670190. We will respond to you without delay.


Q.         In my business, how do I start recycling?
         Whether it is at home or at work, setting up a recycling system and divert recyclable material from going to landfill is straightforward but very worthwhile. Please click here for further information 

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