What can I put in my recycling bin?

The following items and categories of materials can be placed in your recycling bin.

Paper Plastic Containers (PET 1)
Newspapers Mineral Bottles
Magazines Water Bottles
Junk Mail Mouth Wash Bottles
Envelopes Salad Dressing Bottles
Phone Books Plastic Containers (HDPE 2)
Catalogues Milk Bottles
Tissue Boxes Juice Bottles
Sugar Bags Cosmetic Bottles
Calendars Shampoo Bottles
Diaries Household Cleaning Bottles
Letters Laundry Detergent Bottles
Computer Paper Window Cleaning Bottles
Used Beverage and Juice Cartons Bath Room Bottles
Milk Cartons Containers should be empty when being placed into recycling bin
Egg Boxes
Holiday Brochures Plastic Containers (PP 5)
School Copy Books Yoghurt Containers
School books (if they cannot be donated or reused) Margarine Tubs
Paper Potato Bags Rigid Food Packaging
Liquid Soap Containers
Cardboard  Fruit Containers (with netting removed)
Food Boxes
Packaging Boxes
Cereal Boxes
Kitchen Towel Tubes
Toilet Roll Tubes
Please remove any plastic inserts from cardboard boxes before placing into bin
Aluminium Cans   Steel Cans  
Drinks Cans  Pet Food Cans
*Empty Deodorant cans (plastic lid separate)  Food Cans
 Biscuit Tins
Steel Cans    Soup Tins
Pet Food Cans
Food Cans
Biscuit Tins
Soup Tins
*Please check that your individual waste contractor will accept this material to their facility 

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