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Why Join Repak

Since 1997, Irish legislation has placed the responsibility for the recovery and recycling of packaging waste on those who handle packaging (click here for definition of packaging) at any stage of the supply chain. This legislation implements the concept of producer responsibility in the area of packaging. Repak  assists obligated  businesses meet their legal obligation to fund the recovery and recycling of the packaging they supply to their customers.

The Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations 1997 (amended under S.I. No. 798 of 2007)  place the following obligations on companies:

1)    Producers

A “Producer” is a business who, for the purpose of trade or otherwise in the course of business sells or otherwise supplies other persons packaging material, packaging or packaged goods (click here for definition of packaging) in the course of providing a trade or service.

Obligations of Producers

All “Producers” are required to deal with their internal packaging waste responsibly. This means that all businesses are required to separate and recover the packaging  they remove at  their premises and make it available to a registered recovery waste operator to have it recovered or recycled.

2)    Major Producers

A “Major Producer” is defined as a “Producer” who is meeting the following criteria:

1. Has an annual turnover greater than €1 million


2.Supplies packaging/packaged goods onto the Irish market exceeding 10 tonnes per annum.  

More onerous obligations are placed on businesses defined as “Major Producers”. As well as the obligations of  “Producers” they are additionally required to help fund the recovery and recycling of the packaging they supply to their customers, under the principle of “Producer Responsibility”.

As a “Major Producer” you can meet your obligation to fund the recovery/recycling of the packaging you supply by either:

1.    Joining Repak a collective packaging compliance scheme


2.    Become “Self Compliant” by paying and registering with your Local Authority


Failure to comply with the Packaging Regulations could result in prosecution, potential fines of up to €12.7 million and or imprisonment. Local Authorities are the enforcers of these regulations and non compliant companies are regularly visited and prosecuted for non compliance.

Currently, 2,300  businesses have chosen to Join Repak with circa 150 choosing Self Compliance. As a result, Repak has been able to  invest member’s monies in increasing  packaging recycling in Ireland from under 15% in 1998 to over 60% today.

In total, Repak have collected €220 million in packaging levies from participating  businesses that has been invested in supporting packaging recycling. Through this, they have diverted over 5.7 million tonnes of used packaging away from landfill by supporting  household recycling bin collections, Bring Banks and Recycling centre facilities throughout Ireland..

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