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The Green Dot

What is the Green Dot?.....
The Green Dot symbol on packaging indicates that the supplier of that packaging has contributed to the funding for recovery and recycling of packaging waste..

The Green Dot appears on the packaging of a myriad of everyday products making it one of the most widely used packaging symbols in the world. Repak is the sole registered licensor of the Green Dot trade mark for the Republic of Ireland under a legal agreement entered into with the Brussels registered company, Pro Europe s.a.r.l.

Note that the Green Dot is not in itself a compliance or recycling symbol nor can it be used to indicate that the packaging material on which it is marked is either recycled, or made using recyclable content.

Who can use the Green Dot on their packaging?
All members of Repak have an automatic right to display the Green Dot on their packaging in accordance with a Green Dot Licence Agreement offered by Repak as a benefit of membership.
Non-members may also register with Repak to obtain a licence to use the Green Dot on their packaging. Included in this category are companies that:

  • are registered in the Republic of Ireland and are either below the de minimis levels as set out in the Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations) 2007 -or-
  • are registered self-compliers with their appropriate local authorities -or-
  • are importers of packaged products bearing the trade mark who otherwise may not have an obligation under the Irish packaging regulations

An application form for a Green Dot licence may be downloaded here

Repak Green Dot Licence Fees
Repak has a separate fee structure for companies who wish to obtain a stand-alone Green Dot licence to enable them to mark their products with the symbol. Please note that these fees apply to products offered for sale in the Republic of Ireland only. Any products sent for export are subject to local Green Dot fees that apply in the importing country. Details of fees that apply in other markets can be found on the website:

Green Dot fees are based on a cost per kg per material type of packaging marked with the symbol and placed on the Irish market. (See Green Dot licence application form for current year’s fees). All Green Dot licensees must re-apply annually to Repak (by February 15th) in order to continue to mark the Green Dot on packaging supplied in the Republic of Ireland.

Terms and conditions
Note that self-compliers should submit evidence of registration and compliance from their local authority at time of application for a licence. Locally based applicants for a Green Dot licence who are trading below the de minimis level set out in the regulations should submit an auditors declaration to confirm their non-obligation status along with their application form.

Repak reserves the right to audit any company to confirm their declaration of packaging marked with the Green Dot and supplied on the Irish market.

Green Dot licencees will receive a specification for the correct use of the Green Dot on their product upon registration.

A guide to the technical usage of the Green Dot symbol is available here

A print ready Encapsulated Post Script (EPS) file of the Green Dot artwork can be downloaded here


Non-resident companies                                               


Gerber Juice Co Ltd




Brodie & Stone International plc


Clover Chemicals Ltd


The Authentic Food Co. Ltd


Famille Michaud Apiculteurs




Nars Cosmetics Inc


Lexmark International Ltd


GN Netcom A/S


Nikon UK Ltd


Kingston Technology Europe Ltd


Morinda UK Ltd


Fenwal Europe SPRL


Guthy-Renker Europe - AB


Fossil UK Ltd


Millers Oils Ltd


Micron Europe Ltd


Callaway Golf Europe Ltd


Nintendo of Europe Gmbh


Belkin Ltd


Powerplay Brands Ltd


Resident Companies

           5785   Ikea Ireland Ltd

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